Classic Car Restoration, LLC
Classic Car Restoration, LLC
Restoration of Classic Mercedes-Benz Automobiles

MB Grand 600 Sales and Restoration

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M-100 Mercedes-Benz Restoration, Sales & Service

Classic Car Restoration, LLC caters to the Grand 600 and 300SEL 6.3 automobile.

Karl Middelhauve also maintains a large private collection of M-100 powered automobiles. In addition, two Paul Bracq designs, the infamous Benzomino & El Benzo. Under his care you'll also find a 300SE Coupe with computerized fuel management and 6.3 drivetrain and a 300SE convertible with a 325 HP AMG engine fitted with a ZF 5-speed manual gearbox. Modern electronic fuel delivery systems are timely improvements on these automobiles to obtain better/cleaner performance and substantial fuel savings.

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Humble beginnings ~

In 1966 I bought a Mercedes Benz 300SE Coupe in Germany and on the way to the port of Bremerhaven, the engine blew while racing down the Autobahn (my wife was driving, so at least I had someone to blame). Now what?! I had already played with the thought of dropping a 6.3 engine in the Benz so I got it hauled to AMG and they installed an entire 6.3 drivetrain in the Coupe. And the rest is history…

Enjoy our new site ~ Karl H. Middelhauve