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Restoration Services

Karl H. Middelhauve


Restoring the Grand 600 SWB & LWB Limousine

Restoration covers all aspects of the Grand 600 ~ paint, upholstery, wood refinishing, engine and transmission, driveshaft, front and rear axle and exhaust system.

Service is important to maintain the value of your investment and for safety on the road. We check the brake fluid of it's consistency, recommend oil/filter change every 3,000 miles, inspection of the hydraulic functions, adjust/check the air suspension system, check wheel alignment, shocks, driveshaft vibration and exhaust system, besides timing and the fuel injection system.


When we moved to Wausau, Wisconsin from Pennsylvania it took six 26' truck loads to transport our parts. 

To be more specific, our parts inventory filled thirty-one 72" steel storage cabinets and 307 bankers boxes (24"x10"x14"). We also hauled five M-100 engine cores, five long blocks, one short block, four rebuilt engine heads, eight steering boxes, nine powder coated front axles, nine M-100 rear axles, two 6.3 rear axles, six radiators, eight rebuilt driveshafts, ten transmissions with fluid couplings, forty-two powder coated rims, eight injection pumps and ten cores to name just the more bulky items.

In addition, boxes of cad plating, ten doors, six fuel tanks, front and rear seats, window glass, hydraulic parts, the list goes on and on…some of the many parts collected over the last 40-years.


Grand 600 SWB

Engine Transplant