1. Recent project: an MB 300SEL 3.5 with computerized fuel management and turbo. The turbo is installed under the car in front of the rear axle, a design by a US turbo company specializing in under-car turbo installations - see link below for more details.

2. Ready for a Paul Bracq designed MB 600 Coupe we have waiting a 6-speed manual gearbox. More to come!

3. On hold for the time being is a third MB 600 EL CAMINO type conversion by Paul Bracq who never runs out of design ideas.

4. Recent project: a bold Paul Bracq 389 HP design - see link below for more details.

5. Another bold design of Paul Bracq to follow Project #4. We'll fill you in more as we near our launch date.

6. Under construction is a 1966 Grand 600 Limousine with a 6-speed manual gear box.